A Tangerine Dream CBD bath bomb by Topikal sitting outside its hemp cloth bag.

Topikal Bath Bomb "Tangerine Dream" (100mg CBD)

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Take some time for yourself with soothing bath bombs that help the stress and tension of life melt away. A Topikal 100mg CBD bath bomb dissolves easily in your bath for a relaxing experience that turns your tub into a mini spa. Packed with nutritious oils and traditional botanicals, they’re the perfect way to take your “me time” to the next level.

Quality CBD Bath Bombs

Topikal is known for their ultra-pure CBD, and their soothing bath bombs put it to great use. Just drop the bomb into your bath, and as it dissolves it will release the minerals, oils, and botanicals your skin needs.

  • Contains CBD oil derived from industrial hemp.
  • These 100mg CBD bath bombs are packed with oils and minerals that nourish the skin, leaving it soft and healthy.
  • Formulated to penetrate deep into your skin.
  • The pleasing aromatherapy-quality tangerine scent helps delight and relax the senses.
  • 100% THC-Free! These bath bombs will not get you “high.”
  • Certificates of analysis are available.

Top Tier CBD

We’re proud to offer the top CBD products from industry leaders who are creating innovative products. If you have any questions about our line of premium CBD products, call our customer service experts at (310) 384-2918. Order your soothing bath bombs from Sovereign Holistics today.