A trio of Topikal Zen CBD Essential Oil Rosemary bottles containing 100mg of CBD in 10ml.

Rosemary Essential Oil + 100mg CBD (10ml)

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Put the power of rosemary and 100mg of CBD to work for you with Topikal’s Rosemary Essential Oil Hemp Blend. Packed with premium ingredients to enrich your daily regimen, this oil works great in a diffuser, rising in the steam of your bath or shower, or mixed into the lotion of your choice. Take charge of your wellness today with the power of this synergistic blend.

Traditional Wellness Support

Industrial hemp, with a THC concentration of less than 0.3%, won’t get you “high,” but humans have used it for hundreds of years as an aid to better, healthier lives. This rosemary essential oil hemp blend uses Topikal’s ultra-pure CBD to give you an unsurpassed potency. More and more people are doing their own research and choosing hemp as part of their daily regimen. It’s time you found out why for yourself.

Rosemary has been known for its beneficial properties since before the Middle Ages, when it was touted to provide “upliftment” and “get rid of evil spirits.” While those may not be the most scientific terms, it does help with mood support and relaxation. Many people also use it to nourish their skin. Combining real rosemary essential oil with CBD creates the perfect wellness addition to your life.

Premium Curated CBD

We’ve put together a selection of the top CBD products available, and we’ve got the certificates of analysis to prove it. If you need additional information about any of our products, call our customer service department at 310-384-2918. Order your rosemary essential oil hemp blend from Sovereign Holistics now.