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CBD Capsules- 300mg

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Keep your dosing discreet with our 10mg CBD capsules. As easy to take as a vitamin, these CBD caps fit easily into any pill holder or fob for on-the-go precision dosing wherever life takes you.

Quality Gel Capsules

These 10mg CBD capsules use our ultra-pure CBD oil and premium gelatin to give you a familiar, easy-to-use way to get your daily CBD.

  • These CBD capsules are 10mg each for a consistent dose you can count on.
  • Sold in bottles of 30 CBD caps, for a total of 300mg of potent CBD oil per bottle.
  • Derived from industrial hemp containing 0.3% or less of THC, they will not get you “high” and meet federal hemp guidelines.
  • All of our products are independently verified for potency and purity by third-party labs with the certificates of analysis available on request.

High-Quality CBD

Our curated selection is designed to bring you the best premium CBD products on the market. If you need additional information about our products, call us at (310) 384-2918. Order your bottle of 10mg CBD capsules from Sovereign Holistics today.