Several bottles of Topikal Zen CBD Essential Bergamot Oil with 100mg of hemp-derived CBD per 10ml bottle.

Bergamot Essential oils + 100mg CBD (10ml)

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Give yourself the health and wellness support you need with our bergamot and CBD oil blend. Bergamot essential oil has been a popular additive to food and drink for years, where it provides vital support, and Topikal has added their ultra-pure CBD oil to it, creating a unique and enjoyable blend. Whether you’re an aromatherapy aficionado looking for a more effective blend, you want to make your baths even more enjoyable, or you intend to give your skin a nourishing new way to help you thrive by adding a few drops to your favorite lotion, it’s the right product for you. Find out how premium ingredients can help you feel better than ever.

Top Shelf Botanicals And Hemp

Topikal uses real bergamot essential oil in this bergamot CBD oil blend, not synthetic scents or flavors. Bergamot has been used for centuries and it’s a popular addition to many top-tier skincare lines. Bergamot essential oil takes the active botanical compounds and distills them down to a more concentrated form that you can put to use for yourself.

CBD, one of the active compounds found in the industrial hemp plant, is fast becoming a popular addition to daily care regimens across the country. Industrial hemp is rich in CBD and contains 0.3% or less of THC, so it won’t get you “high”, but it can offer you a way to take control of your wellness. After conducting their own independent research, more and more people are deciding CBD is right for them, and now you can explore it for yourself.

Premier CBD Products

With 100mg of CBD per 10ml bottle, this bergamot CBD oil blend gives you a synergistic way to live better. Call our customer service department at 310-384-2918 if you have any questions about our products. Find the right products to help you thrive with Sovereign Holistics today.