A jar containing 4oz of Topikal's Pure Organic Emu Oil Salve with 1000mg of CBD.

100% Pure Organic Emu Oil Salve 1,000mg CBD 4oz

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Emu Oil Salve is world-renowned for its healing properties and ability to penetrate deep down through the epidermis and into the tissues, muscles, and joints below. Research has shown that emu oil is the best oil for healing and treating skin conditions like eczema. With Topikal's CBD infused Emu Oil Salve you get all of these properties plus the added benefits of CBD.

Improve Your Approach to Skincare

The use of CBD makes emu oil a powerful addition to your skincare regimen. Not only do you absorb emu oil’s naturally occurring healing properties directly into your skin and body, but Emu Oil Salve also delivers CBD directly into your system, penetrating at a much deeper level than most other creams and moisturizers on the market.


  • Hemp-derived CBD Oil (1,000 MG)
  • 100% pure organic emu oil
  • 100% pure organic beeswax
  • Topikal original scent

100% Pure Organic Emu Oil Salve 1,000mg CBD 4oz Lab Report

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