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Our CBD essential oil selection adds the benefits of CBD to premium essential oils known for their wellness properties. Whether your independent research has led you to CBD aromatherapy or you’re adding hemp to your favorite salve or cream to promote better skin health, these potent mixes will become a staple of your daily care regimen. Support your body and mind naturally with the help of CBD.

  • Rosemary Essential Oil + 100mg CBD (10ml)
    A trio of Topikal Zen CBD Essential Oil Rosemary bottles containing 100mg of CBD in 10ml.
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Cannabis Infused Oils

CBD is one of the active ingredients found in industrial hemp and is a natural way to promote your overall health and wellness. High-quality industrial hemp is processed to produce an ultra-pure hemp oil that’s rich in CBD. Our top-tier manufacturers then infuse it into some of the most beneficial essential oils to create a CBD essential oil blend.

Essential oils have been recognized as a part of traditional and folk medicine for centuries. As they are extremely concentrated, they should never be used undiluted, however they offer a range of options for their users. Essential oils can be diluted into topical treatments a few drops at a time for added benefits, used in sachets to promote a calmer, more stable mindset, or diffused into the air to create a more relaxing environment. If your research has found that CBD aromatherapy is right for you, our premium essential oil blends are the perfect choice.

Lab-Verified Potency

When you’re using CBD to promote your health, you want to make sure you’re getting the best CBD products available. Our curated selection brings you the top products from the best companies in the industry. Call our customer service team today if you have any questions about our line of premium products at (310) 384-2918. Order your CBD essential oil from Sovereign Holistics today.