Three 10ml bottles of Topikal Zen CBD Essential Tea Tree Oil containing 100mg of CBD each.

Tea Tree Essential Oil + 100mg CBD (10ml)

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Start your day with the refreshing scent of real tea tree oil thanks to Topikal’s tea tree CBD oil blend. This synergistic oil adds ultra-pure CBD to tea tree oil’s known health and wellness benefits. Just add a few drops to your shower, bath, or infuser to let the invigorating smell fill the room. Adding a couple drops in your favorite lotion not only creates an efficient topical, but gives you the aromatherapy benefits of tea tree oil wherever your day takes you. Give yourself a better way to take control of your wellness today.

Highest-Quality Ingredients

Essential oils take the active botanicals in a plant and distill them down to a pure concentrate that’s perfect for using blended into other products or diluted and used directly. This tea tree CBD oil adds 100mg of Topikal’s pure CBD to a powerful essential oil. CBD, one of the active compounds in industrial hemp, has a concentration of 0.3% or less of THC, meaning that it won’t get you “high.” It’s quickly becoming a common addition to people’s daily care regimens. We give you the best CBD, with certificates of analysis to verify its potency and purity, making it easy to conduct your own research into how CBD can be added to your daily wellness routine.

A Reliable CBD Supplier

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