What’s So Great About CBD Flower? (And Why I Don't Like Weed)

Before I go into the benefits of CBD flower, let me go into why I don’t like smoking marijuana. Quite simply, I don’t like the person I become when I smoke weed. After just one toke or hit off a bong or a pipe, I instantly become more than just a bit crazed and delusional. I start to get overly obsessed with every negative thought and worry that crosses my mind, and it eventually results in me curling up into the fetal position for a couple of hours and sweating it out. Not exactly how I want to be spending my time.

That’s no offense to people who do enjoy it, of course, or to the people who genuinely feel pain reduction or experience health improvements the way cancer patients do. What I mean to say is that, for some unfortunate reason, getting high has always sucked for me. No matter how good the bud is, I’m the only one in the room either getting way too paranoid on it, or suddenly burdened with a panic attack. Hence the beauty of CBD flower.

What’s So Great About CBD Flower?

In my humble opinion, smoking CBD buds is my version of “getting high”. Others may smoke it and think they are gaining no effects or benefits from it because they aren’t getting “high” or “stoned”. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, and most everyone is affected differently by the various types of strains that are out there.

For example, a friend of mine who suffers from ADHD can only smoke Indica-dominant strains. If he smokes Sativa or Sativa-dominant strains, he feels anxious and stressed, and it causes his mind to race. Whereas the Indica strains help him to calm down and focus, and he feels no anxiety or stress whatsoever.

Another friend is the opposite. She suffers from depression and not only does her focus improve dramatically, but her depression melts away when she smokes Sativa. She claims that if she smokes Indica, it causes an uptick in her anxiety and her focus is off for the rest of the day. It has what people call the “couch lock” effect on her, and instead of being productive, she ends up finding herself eating bonbons and watching telenovelas all day.

I’m not sure about hybrid people, I don’t know any personally, but I’ve heard of them. It just goes to show that everyone’s body chemistry, biology, make-up, whatever you want to call it, is different and varies, sometimes greatly, from person to person.

My Experience With CBD

You might be a Sativa person, you might be an Indica person, you might be a hybrid person or you might be like me, a CBD person. A CBD person feels uplifted, energized, relaxed, focused and pain-free, all at the same time. If an Indica person or a Sativa person were to smoke CBD flower they may feel absolutely nothing and they may claim that it does absolutely nothing for them. However, even if they feel absolutely nothing, the CBD buds may still be doing something for them. For one thing, studies have been done that show CBD has a positive effect on both depression and anxiety. Other studies show that it has a positive effect on people suffering from diabetes since it lowers blood sugar levels in the body. And these are just a couple of examples. For someone like me who can’t smoke those other strains without experiencing the negative effects, CBD flower is the perfect solution.

The best part about CBD flower for me is the whole not getting high or stoned aspect. I’m not a morning person and never have been, and mornings are always notoriously rough for me. I wake up with pain in my lower back almost immediately due to an old injury. Due to the pain medication I was on, I was waking up inevitably groggy. Not a great combo. But after packing my bowl with some CBD buds my pain was instantly diminished and the grogginess I felt had vanished just as quickly. The best part? I wasn’t high and could start my day feeling energized, focused and productive. Some people like to “wake and bake” to help take the edge off at the beginning of their day, but then they have to go through the rest of their day “high” or in a fog of sorts. With CBD flower, I never have to worry about any of that. It energizes me by taking away my grogginess, it reduces my back pain and it doesn’t leave me “high” so I am able to go to work and be as productive, most likely even more productive, than I normally would be.

With CBD I feel like me, only better.